Courses & Fees

We are a small company with one or two teachers – a school where you can feel at home. Our lessons take place in very small groups (on average, 4 people and at most, 6) in a friendly atmosphere. That means that:
  • We can give each learner more time to speak. No-one is forgotten and everyone takes part.
  • Every learner can rapidly gain confidence, which is an essential step for making progress.
  • We can meet each learner’s specific needs faster and more effectively.

The vast majority of our students are adults, with an age range of between 25 and 75. The average age is around 45-50. Whether they are students, young graduates, or older and retired people, they all have one thing in common: they’re motivated, and it shows in class! Attentiveness, confidence and good humour are at the heart of the way we teach.

We focus on practical French, as spoken every day. We put the emphasis primarily on expression and listening comprehension. All sorts of topics are covered.​

We use a wide variety of teaching methods, from traditional grammar on the whiteboard (oh yes, the good old method!) to role play, radio and video and even homework for those who want some more!

We offer various types of courses:

  • Semi-intensive courses (15 hours per week)
  • Intensive courses (25 hours per week)
  • Lessons by telephone
  • Private lessons
  • Continuous learning (2 hours per week)
Cours et tarifs de français à Carcassonne, en groupe.
Cours de français en France par des étudiants argentins, Ludo Expression

Offer 1

Semi-intensive courses (15 hours/week)

  • 4 lessons of 45 minutes per day (from 9 to 12:15 with a 15-minute break), that is, 15 hours per week.
  • All levels
  • Minimum 3 people enrolled and maximum 6.
  • Duration: 1 to 4 weeks.
  • Enrolment fees 39 €
  • 1 week243 € (15 hours)
  • 2 weeks486 € (30 hours)
  • 3 weeks684 € (45 hours)
  • 4 weeks912 € (60 hours)
Take a look at our Ludo Expression special price accommodation offers:
  • 1 week + accommodation in a 2-star hotel523 €*
  • 1 week + accommodation in apartment684 €*

* low season price

Provisional dates for sessions in 2023

  • from 06/03/23 to 24/03/23
  • from 03/04/23 to 28/04/23
  • from 01/05/23 to 19/05/23
  • from 29/05/23 to 09/06/23
  • from 19/06/23 to 14/07/23
  • from 17/07/23 to 11/08/23
  • from 04/09/23 to 29/09/23
  • from 02/10/23 to 27/10/23
  • from 30/10/23 to 17/11/23

Offer 2

Intensive courses (25 hours/week)

  • Offer 1 + 2 hours a day in private lessons (afternoons), that is, a total of 25 hours per week.
  • All levels.
  • Minimum 3 people enrolled and maximum 6.
  • Duration: 1 to 4 weeks.
  • Enrolment fees39 €
  • 1 week663 € (25 hours)
  • 2 weeks1 326 € (50 hours)
  • 3 weeks1 854 € (75 hours)
  • 4 weeks2 472 € (100 hours)
Take a look at our Ludo Expression special price accommodation offers:
  • 1 week + accommodation in a 2-star hotel943 €*
  • 1 week + accommodation in apartment1 104 €*

* low season price

Cours intensifs de français en France avec l'école Ludo Expression à Carcassonne

Offer 3

Telephone lessons by Skype

Each session takes place as follows:
  • Conversation of 30 minutes or one hour non-stop.
  • Feedback from the trainer which reviews (in summary style) the vocabulary and the points of grammar covered in the conversation. That feedback is sent to you by e-mail.
  • Elementary to Advanced levels.
  • The offer includes a minimum of 6 sessions of 30 minutes or 3 sessions of one hour.
  • Price120 €

(no enrolment fee requested)

Offer 4

Private and semi-private lessons

  • 1 person42 € / hour
  • Special price for 30 hours1 170 € or 39 € / hour
  • 2 persons26 € / person / hour
The lessons last 55 minutes
Cours particuliers de français en France

Offer 5

Continuous learning

  • 2 hours per week.
  • Elementary to Advanced level.
  • Minimum 3 persons enrolled and maximum 8.
  • Duration: 30 weeks from 04/10/21 to 30/06/22, that is, 60 hours.
  • Price540 €
Cours de français en France en groupe avec activités, Ludo Expression

Feedback from past students

Semi-intensive course for 4 weeks, September 2019 Fantastic experience
I spent four weeks working at lower intermediate level with Dominique in a group class with a few extra private lessons on top (September 2019). It was a fantastic experience. I came away with much greater knowledge of French and, even more important, more confidence in actually speaking the language. I was in a small group so it was quite intensive. Dominique does not let you get away with not speaking in class. Everything is in French but that is ok because she is good at non-verbal communication using her hands and facial expressions to get the point across when words fail. It was fun as well as useful and along the way I picked up some insight into French culture…
— Mark, British
Cours semi-intensifs de 2 semaines, Juin 2011 Cours bien organisé
L’été 2011 j’ai eu l’occasion d’apprendre la langue française à Ludo Expression. Le programme m’a plu beaucoup et chaque jour le temps dans la classe a passé vite. Les leçons ont été très bien organisées, informatives et assaisonnées avec un humour subtil. Nous étions trois femmes dans la classe, deux Islandaises et une Australienne. Notre professeur, Dominique, trouvait toujours des sujets intéressants et elle a pris soin que tout le monde était impliqué dans la conversation. Nous avons vécu ensemble dans une petite maison près de l’école, un excellent arrangement. Je recommande Ludo expression pour ceux qui veulent apprendre le français dans un environnement calme.
— Sveinbjörg, Islandaise
Semi-intensive course for 2 weeks, November 2017 A big thank to Dominique
First of all I wanted to say a big thank you to Dominique for creating such a friendly place to learn and of course to Natacha who had so much patience with Larry, Brock and myself on our two week course. My listening skills, understanding and vocabulary really improved even if I do still struggle to form spoken sentences!! Above all it has given me the encouragement and confidence to at least try. I would definitely like to do more courses so if something of my level comes up please do let me know and also for Peter too of course as we would be very interested so long as we can work it around our business needs.
— Mike, British