Some of our students have wanted to give feedback on their experience with Ludo Expression.  They come from a variety of backgrounds, mainly English-speaking (English, Irish, Australians, Americans, Canadians and New Zealanders, among others).  They talk openly about everything at our centre;  the teachers, the courses, the accommodation, the activities and life in Carcassonne.
Browsing their comments will, we hope, give you a better idea of who we are, how we work with the students and how we help them throughout their stay.
Happy reading –  and come to see us soon!

Intensive / Semi-intensive course for 2 weeks, September 2022

Wll that was such a lot of fun and far surpassed my expectations

I enrolled in a 2 week intensive/ semi intensive course at Ludo Expression. For the first week (mornings), I was part of a small class of 3 with Natacha as our teacher. In the afternoon I took an individual class with Dominique. For the 2nd week I just did the morning sessions.

Both Natacha and Dominique are highly skilled teachers and know instinctively how and when to correct as well as how to bring out the best in people. Natacha was just brilliant and ensured that we had plenty of variety in the class, managing to cover reading, listening and conversation skills and adapting her material accordingly. The 3 of us had very different strengths, but no one was left out or made to feel they were not being attended to.

We also had the opportunity to visit Montelieu which managed to be both fun as well as a learning opportunity. Natacha was forever on the look out for potential speakers/ opportunities for future groups.

This is a very small language school and as such it is is very personable and friendly. The two teachers clearly love what they do – the school has more of a family atmosphere than a money making business ( and this is not to take away from their professionalism at all). We were all well looked after – they really went over and beyond.

I intend to come back next year and now have a better idea of what I need to focus on in the interim. Dominique was great in highlighting the areas needing more work/ how I can extend/ deepen my language skills. I alssi have SO much more confidence in speaking.

Thank you Natacha, Dominique and Luc – et à bientôt!

— Maire, Irish

Semi-intensive course for 2 weeks, September 2022

Our time in Carcassonne and with Ludo Expression was challenging, rewarding and satisfying

My wife and I went to Carcassonne in September 2022 to attend two weeks of classes at Ludo Expression with Dominique and Luc. The “application” process was straightforward and whilst the test was a bit daunting for our limited French, it was only to give the school an idea of our level of proficiency. We were duly slotted into a beginners/lower intermediate class. Before arriving we were also helped to find suitable accommodation and Luc went out of his way to visit and report on an apartment that we were considering.

Our teacher Dominique could not have been nicer when welcoming us to the school and was a wonderfully descriptive and entertaining teacher. Class sizes are small with only 4 others in our first and whilst the French itself was sometimes difficult, we never felt left out or overwhelmed. Dominique always managed to make it fun. The school also arranged outings for us and a final social event in a Tapas Bar was memorable.

Carcassonne itself is a lovely town and the medieval Citie is delightful. There are numerous good value restaurants and the people could not have been more generous with their time and patience in listening to our language efforts.

Our time in Carcassonne and with Ludo Expression was challenging, rewarding and satisfying. More than anything else if gave us the confidence to speak more French and we look forward to being able to return to the school to learn more. I do not know of a nicer place or nicer people to do this with and would thoroughly recommend it.

— Thomas and Zoé, British

Cours intensifs de 2 semaines chaque année en 2018, 2019, 2020 et 2021

Des progrès gigantesques !

Salut à tous et toutes qui veulent apprendre la langue française ! 
Depuis 2018 j’apprends cette belle langue. En plus d’un professeur particulier je voulais passer des cours en France. L’école LUDO se trouve proche de la Cité au début de la zone piétonnes. Si vous vous inscrirez à un course intensif ce que je conseille vous pouvez donc trouver certains restaurants pendant la pause de midi et vous avez la possibilité de vous promener pour laisser vagabonder vos pensées.
Les cours sont très bien fait. J’ai passé quatre séjours linguistiques à Carcassonne et chaque fois le niveau des participants étaient équilibre. L’école s’en occupe du mieux. Dominique, la professeur principale, s’occupe aussi des objectifs des élèves. Pas seulement pendant le cours particulier mais aussi pendant le cours en groupe. Elle connait les erreurs communs des élèves de certains pays et en plus elle prend note des fautes qui sont faits par les élèves. Elle s’adapte les exercices en conséquence. L’ambiance des cours étaient toujours très sympa et détendu.
Pour optimiser l’immersion vous pouvez habiter chez un ou une hôte. C’est parfait pour parler en français 24/24 et pour entendre la langage courante.
Je suis venu en tant que débutant et maintenant je comprends tout et je peux faire ce que je veux en France. Quand on ne vit pas en France, il y a toujours beaucoup à faire, mais grâce à cette école, j’ai fait des progrès gigantesques.
— Ulrich, Allemand
Cours semi-intensifs de 4 semaines, Mai 2019
De belles rencontres
Bonsoir Dominique et Luc, Merci beaucoup pour les photos. J’ai apprécié le cours et je peux le recommander à tout le monde. Votre enseignement était fantastique et les étudiants étaient très sympas et gentils. Cordialement,
— Kristie, Australienne
Semi-intensive course for one week, June 2017
See you next year!
This was my second time travelling from Ireland to attend Ludo expression. It is definitely going to be an annual visit for me. Excellent teaching in a beautiful location. Courses are highly organised while being flexible enough to allow for individual development. The atmosphere is warm, welcoming, and friendly. A real find! Thank you to Dominique and Luc! See you next year.
— Maura, Ireland

Intensive course for 2 weeks, October 2019

A feeling of home

It is such a pleasure to write about this small city in southern France which greets visitors with La Cite, an ancient fortified city and castle, and then, below, a 13th century town on a river. The lower town has many other things of which to boast, too. – several large historical churches, a fine Museum of Art, many interesting shops, as well as expansive parks and gardens along the river, plus many other things.
Another outstanding offering is the language school, Ludo Expression, for persons wishing to further their skills in the French language.
Equipped with a small number of excellent teachers, par none; superb both in their teaching techniques as well as their sympathetic care for the students and their progress, the school accepts only a limited number of students. Students quickly befriend one another in its small classes, and the school takes on a feeling of home, away from. home.
While I have felt stress in other language learning environments, I believe it does not exist in the Ludo Expression school. The unlimited generosity of the couple who have made the school what it is, are a guarantee that the time passed here will be pleasant and special for all!
Living in the ever present sense of ongoing history, while glimpsing the glory of the massive walled city above on the hill, has, in only 2 weeks passage, taken me from a tourist’s perception into almost a feeling of becoming a Carcassonne resident! My treasured memory – to which I hope to return!
With fondness,
— Gale, American
Cours intensifs de 2 semaines, Octobre 2017 Merci pour votre patience
J’ai vraiment apprécié le cours et mon temps à Carcassonne. Un grand merci à Anne-Lise et Dominique d’être si patients et de maintenir leur bonne humeur avec l’Australien stupide. J’espère être en mesure de revenir pour un autre cours dans les 2 prochaines années. Après le cours j’ai marché de Quillan à Foix sur le Sentier Cathare et j’ai pu mieux communiquer avec mon français amélioré mais j’ai encore beaucoup de travail à faire.
— Colin, Australien
Intensive course for 2 weeks, August 2017
The tamed subjunctive
I loved taking classes at Ludo. Believe it or not, I have always been madly curious about the subjunctive, and Dominique answered all of my questions about it. Now I recognize it and the subtlety that comes along with it. I am using what I learned in a paper I am writing for Graduate School. Dominique and Luc are lovely, friendly people and I think I will see them again this summer for more courses.
— Rebecca, American
Semi-intensive course for 4 weeks, September 2019 A Friendly, informal and supportive environment
I spent four weeks working at lower intermediate level with Dominique in a group class with a few extra private lessons on top (September 2019). It was a fantastic experience. I came away with much greater knowledge of French and, even more important, more confidence in actually speaking the language. I was in a small group so it was quite intensive. Dominique does not let you get away with not speaking in class. Everything is in French but that is ok because she is good at non-verbal communication using her hands and facial expressions to get the point across when words fail. It was fun as well as useful and along the way I picked up some insight into French culture. Dominique and her husband Luc were very welcoming and we had a couple of enjoyable social events. If you want to improve your language skills in a friendly, informal, supportive environment – and have a few laughs at the same time – you won’t find better than this. You will get more out of it the longer you stay but even a single week would be worthwhile. Good value for money and highly recommended.
— Mark, British
Cours semi-intensifs d’1 semaine, Avril 2016
Confiance retrouvée
Bonjour Luc et Dominique Je voudrais bien dire comment j’ai aimé ma semaine à l’école de Ludo Expression. J’ai trouvé les classes très intéressantes et instructives et la prof très sympa. Elle a expliqué tous clairement et simplement et j’ai trouvé en fin que j’ai beaucoup meilleure confiance en parler français. Je voudrais recommander Ludo Expression aux personnes qui veulent apprendre français dans une ambiance amicale.
— Jacky, Anglaise
Semi-intensive course for 3 weeks, May 2014. Be a student in Carcassonne!
To anyone considering French language courses, you could not do better than Ludo Expression. Dominique’s experience and professionalism shows through each day. And she makes learning fun! Do yourself a favor and be a student in beautiful Carcassonne. How I miss that hour of conversation each morning, and the lively interaction with other students. A peak experience! All the best to you and Luc and your family.
— John, American
Intensive course for one week, September 2018
Follow the guide!
On the first September I travelled from St Pancras Station, London to Carcassonne, where I was to spend 8 days, which included a five day French language course. The whole package of teaching and accommodation was arranged by Ludo Expression. Carcassonne, an historic town an hour’s train journey south of Toulouse, is the perfect backdrop for a language course. Its wonderful castle (Old City) is a symbol of Carcassonne’s fascinating and rich history and the town itself is charming, with the wonderful Place Carnot the hub at its centre. Here, you find all types of restaurants and cafes which provide an excellent variety of food and beverages at a very reasonable price, the centre of the town is less than a five minute walk from the school and very pleasant for lunch, dinner or a late afternoon glass of wine or two and a great for that vital post-class practice. Our class comprised six students and the mix of age, personalities and language levels worked very well indeed. Dominique is an excellent teacher: professional, supportive and I really benefitted from her interactive teaching method. Our classes were always enjoyable and the small number allowed plenty of speaking time for all. I learned a lot. The home-stay component of my stay was a super complement to the formal classroom teaching. Alexia, my host, was more than generous with her time, and the opportunities for speaking in this relaxed atmosphere added a further boost to my confidence. My room, with its integral bathroom, was comfortable and quiet; the home-cooked dinner served up by Alexia each evening delicious. If you like a learning experience which provides a high standard of tailor-made teaching, is professional and has a truly personal touch, I would be very happy to recommend Ludo Expression in Carcassonne.
— Anne, Irish
Private lessons, January 2019
Mime, an effective tool
My wife and I spent one week working on our French through Ludo Expressions with Dominique Bouriez. IT WAS AWESOME! I had last taken French nearly 45 years ago, my wife more recently, and Dominique weaved together classes that were educational about the French people and the community of Carcassonne, wonderful language training, and just fun. She spoke French the entire week, which was daunting to me at first, but turned out totally understandable because of the skills of Dominique in quickly seeing difficulties and mapping them out for us in concise mini-lessons; and, more importantly, Dominique’s skill in conveying with her hands and face and body whatever concept with which we were struggling was a lifesaver. I think she might be an undercover mime. We learned an amazing amount and we laughed in equal proportion. My wife and I give our experience with Dominique the highest recommendation.
— Joe and Theresa, American
Semi-intensive course for 2 weeks, March 2018 Attentive to the individual needs
In March 2018 I have attended a French course (A2 level) at the Ludo Expression in Carcassonne for a fortnight and I can highly recommend the course to all those who want to improve their knowledge of the French language. Dominique is a very kind and experienced teacher who knows how to tackle the individual problems of each students very well. While her methods are focused on conversational skills, she is always attentive to the individual needs of the students and will support them with precise information on grammar and syntax. She is a thorough teacher, always helpful and caring, who communicates in a very clear and effective manner. I am very happy to recommend Dominique to anybody who is serious about learning the French language.
— John, British
Private lessons over a 2 week period, October 2018
A great experience
I took several hours of private French instruction from Dominique over a 2-week period in October of 2018. It was a great experience. I am NOT a natural language student. How I ever learned to speak English is a mystery to me! Dominique was very patient, and she concentrated on conversational skills I wanted to learn. She stayed close to my skill level and was persistent and clear in her attempts to help me gain mastery. Dominique was also spirited and fun. If you ever need a charade’s partner, she is an expert. I was taking lessons at Ludo when Carcassonne and the surrounding area experienced a devastating flood. Dominique and her husband, Luc, were very much effected because they were from the village hardest hit. We missed only one day of lessons, which we later made up. I was most impressed by Dominique’s determination to fulfill her contractual agreement with me and by her ability to focus on teaching despite the natural disaster impacting her. I highly recommend Dominique and Ludo Expression.
— Connie, American
Cours semi-intensifs d’une semaine, Avril 2013. Enseignement personnalisé
Ludo Expression a été ce que nous cherchions ! C´est une école familiale, personnalisée et agréable. Les leçons étaient très agréables et nous avons amélioré notre niveau de français rapidement. L´école est au centre-ville de Carcassonne, à côté de la Cité. Carcassonne est une ville très jolie avec une excellent gastronomie ! Choisir Carcassonne a été un bon choix !
— Magali et Pablo, Espagnols
Semi-intensive course for one week, June 2016 Teaching and activities
My 3 friends and I spent a week in the intermediate level class with Dominique as our teacher. We had a wonderful fun time with lots of lively discussions but also very structured development through the week. The social aspect was an added bonus with film outings, meals out together etc. We found it the perfect mix so much so, we are returning again this June.
— Pauline, Irish
Intensive course for 3 weeks, April 2018
I made my dream come true
My lifelong dream has been to study French in Carcassonne. At the age of 58, I decided that now was the time to realize my dream. I located Ludo Expression online, and from the description I knew that it would be the perfect fit for me. It was!!! I enjoyed 3 wonderful weeks in Carcassonne taking the intensive course at Ludo Expression. Dominique was a fantastic instructor: kind, encouraging, patient, fun, humorous, and highly skilled, and she didn’t let me get away with speaking English! She spoke in slow French for me and listened with interest as I spoke in slow French. It was encouraging for me to be able to discuss interesting topics in this manner. From our conversations she easily picked out my grammar needs and taught me helpful lessons on the board. Dominique and her husband, Luc, were so kind, welcoming, and helpful to me. Additionally, they fit in time for fun! We enjoyed a special hike together and a fun evening at a restaurant for a drink and tapas. The B & B that they suggested on their website was also a perfect fit for me. It was very pleasant and a nice 15 minute walk to Ludo Expression. The entrance to the Mid-evil city is only a 15 minute walk from Ludo Expression. Thank you again, Dominique and Luc for a fabulous dream come true! Warmly,
— Ellen, American
Intensive Course for 2 weeks, May 2017
Small group
I spent two weeks with Ludo Expression in May. I chose to join a small group class in the morning and then a 2 hour, one on one in the afternoon. The environment was very friendly and the informal discussion we had followed a pattern which identified and addressed the needs of each student. My French improved, and importantly, I enjoyed the experience and would recommend it highly.
— Dean, New Zealand
Cours particuliers, Août 2011 et Avril 2012.
Examen réussi !
Chère Dominique, La semaine dernière, j’ai eu mes résultats du Leaving Cert et, grâce à vous, j’ai obtenu plus de 90% dans mon examen français ! Le septembre, je commencerai mes études dans l’Université de Galway, j’étudierai le commerce et le français. J’espère que vous et votre famille allez bien,
— Deirdre Folan, Irlandaise
Intensive Course for 3 weeks, May 2017
Enjoyable and often hilarious
I loved every moment of my course. The morning classes were small and Dominique’s style of teaching was warm, engaging, professional and inclusive. She ensured that each student participated equally and our discussions were lively, enjoyable and often hilarious. I remember with pleasure the other students and how often we laughed together. And in this stimulating and spontaneous atmosphere Dominique answered all our questions, corrected all our mistakes and taught us grammar. A brilliant learning experience. In the afternoon I had one to one lessons with Lisa who focused on what I wanted to learn and how I could improve. We, too, laughed a lot and she, too, was very professional in her approach. She was assiduous in helping me with my oral expression, my pronunciation and the grammatical errors in my (often excitable) spoken French. Her specific focus on my personal learning needs was refreshing and helpful. I stayed with a very nice French family nearby which completed my perfect language immersion experience at Ludo Expression. Amicalement
— Claire, New Zealand
Semi-intensive course for 2 weeks, September 2013. When reality serves as an example!
French lessons with Dominique We chose our locale (Carcassonne, in southwestern France, towards Spain, the region of Languedoc-Roussillon) for a language school that Nic found online. The plan was to spend the first two weeks improving our French command, mornings only, with short trips in the afternoons. We lucked upon a fun and “sympa” teacher, Dominique, who combined conversation, vocabulary and grammar for three-plus hours every day, with a little “pause” for coffee in the middle. One memorable morning, our small class discussed the ins-and-outs of recent changes to France’s pension and “retraite” laws for more than an hour; after the break, a demonstration of 500 or more people passed by our third floor window, protesting the very changes we’d just learned about. We accused Dominique of staging the whole thing for our benefit!
— Art and Nichola, Canadians
Semi-intensive course for 3 weeks, June 2014.
Cultural lessons
Dominique: We want to sincerely thank you for three wonderful weeks of French classes. Your enthusiasm, patience and guidance really helped our French skills and made us feel more comfortable traveling in France. We particularly enjoyed the daily reporting of what we all had done the previous day or weekend. That really brought the practice sessions into the real world. We enjoyed learning cultural lessons and phrases you just can’t find in a text book! We also want to thank you for sharing your insight into where we should visit in the afternoons. The Cathar Castles, the Niaux caves with their prehistoric paintings, the Abbeys and the vistas were nothing short of spectacular. The time we spent with you at your school was definitely a highlight of our time in the Carcassonne area. You have encouraged us to continue with our french lessons! Merci beaucoup!!
— Lori and Glenn, Canadians
Intensive course for 5 weeks, June-July 2016
Confidence, a key step
After years of procrastination I finally decided to bite the bullet, drive myself and go on my ‘Continental Adventure’ with very little French remaining in my memory bank! I was not disappointed with my choice of school. Dominique and Luc were great hosts helping to organise 5 weeks of great accommodation for me and encouraging me into extra curricular activities after school such as badminton and tennis as well as some meals out with other students. I was on my own for the duration, which was great; I had shared classes in the mornings and one to one every afternoon. In the evenings I loved doing my homework but still found time to discover how wonderful my surroundings were. Medieval everything… and to add to my good fortune, a lovely fellow student from California and an Ivy League, Princeton Student, who happened to be specialising in Medieval History for his Masters at UCL and was on the same course. We hung around together practicing our spoken French and visiting many interesting places. Too many to list! Dominique is a very good teacher and for the First Time In All My Years of learning French (I never really got it) I understood how it all fitted together. It gave me so much confidence. My longing to get over the ‘Grammar’ was finally fulfilled. Of course five weeks of French is nowhere near enough, but it has satisfied my need to understand the bigger picture. Now, I am attending a class in the UK with renewed enthusiasm lest I forget. I would recommend Ludo Expression at any level as this school can adapt to anyone’s needs. Thank You Dominique you have been an inspiration.
— Ingrid from England
Cours intensifs d’une semaine, juin 2013. La famille d’accueil, le choix gagnant !
L’expérience à Carcassonne chez Ludo Expression a été très agréable. Luc et Dominique nous ont traités magnifiquement et nous avons appris beaucoup de choses en améliorant sensiblement notre niveau de français. L’hébergement était très proche de l’école et la dame qui nous a accueillis très gentille et bavarde. Nous en avons bien profité pour exercer notre capacité d’expression orale. En général, Carcassonne est une ville très belle avec un climat agréable. Les gens sont sympathiques et très ouverts face aux étudiants. On a donc vraiment la possibilité de s’intégrer dans le tissu social.
— Giulio et Eleonora, Italiens
Canadian, Private lessons for 1 week in October 2014. Her best experience
Ludo Expressions was a super school in which to study French. She scored a 10 in my book! Dominique is knowledgeable, clear, specific, fun and engaged. We covered a couple grammatical rules that had been explained to me before in other schools but I was still confused. Dominique slowly and methodically clarified the rules. I now understand! She had me talk every day and was patient with my mistakes and gently redirected me to better French. I would recommend Ludo Expressions to everybody. I have attended other schools in France and this has been the best experience.
— Mary_Lou, Canadian
Intensive course for 4 weeks, September 2015. An rewarding and enjoyable experience
I have just returned home after spending a thoroughly enjoyable month at Ludo Expression in Carcassonne. We were a group of four students, carefully assembled so that we were all at about the same standard. The sessions were always structured with great sensitivity so that we were each encouraged to join in the discussions, or to describe what we had been doing on the previous afternoon, and learning blocks of grammar were carefully built in at regular intervals. Dominique is just an amazing teacher; I have never experienced anyone who was able to explain so clearly and precisely the intricacies of French syntax and grammar. And she put up with my making the same mistakes over and over, with both patience and good humour! From time to time we went as a group, together with Dominique and Luc, to the cinema or to a concert and had a meal together afterwards. These occasions gave us further opportunities to use our French. I was staying with a ‘host family’, arranged for me by the school, that was just a few minutes walk away from the school. From the very first moment I was made to feel completely at home, literally one of the family. It was a matter of ‘total immersion’ from day one! I was so lucky. I’d like to say a huge ‘thank you’ to both Dominique and Luc for making my time in Carcassonne so rewarding and enjoyable.
— Peter from England
Semi-intensive course for 4 weeks, April 2012. Fun and memorable lessons
My French has improved enormously as a result of the time I spent at Ludo Expression. Dominique is an excellent teacher and her expressive gestures and explanations ensure the lessons are fun as well as memorable. I stayed in Caunes Minervois, a little village about 25 minutes drive from Carcassonne, and would strongly recommend any of the 1, 2 or 3 bedroom houses owned by Ingrid Hudson ( Staying in a quiet medieval village and going to school in Carcassonne was perfect to experience a wonderful French way of life. Thank you (again) Dominique for taking me to a much higher level of French and, more particularly, thank you for your treasured friendship.
— Robyn, Australian
One-to-one lessons for 2 weeks, September 2011. Humour and enthusiasm
At Ludo Expression, I felt welcome and at ease and found myself quickly gaining confidence in my ability to communicate in French. My teacher, Dominique, inspired me with her enthusiasm and lovely sense of humour, and offered me exercises well suited to my needs. I enjoyed most her idea to help me learn French language, life and culture through discussing modern French films. In just a couple of weeks, I was able to overcome my initial frustration when speaking French and felt much more confident. I am indeed thinking of taking some more refreshment one-to-one courses at LUDO EXPRESSION again.
— Krasimira, Bulgarian
One-to-one lessons, September 2012. Carcassonne: The best city in the south of France!  
The best language experience I have ever had in my entire life, and I can guarantee that my experience with languages goes a very long way back. For a starter, Ludo Expression, in particular Dominique, found me the best person in town to stay with. Literally at stone´s throw from the school building and the the most adorable person in town. Not only my French improved but also my knowledge of the culture and the traditional cuisine. I even had the chance to cook some of my typical dishes and learn how to get around in the kitchen in French. Secondly and most importantly, I had the 30 classes for five wonderful days. Dominique cared for every detail for each and every class. My language objectives were met in full and I would assure anyone that they were also taken to the next level. I quite enjoyed our breaks during class where I had the chance to explain a handful of funny stories of my own. And all of that was carried in French. My errors always quickly spotted and correctly in a nanosecond. As a final point, they have my trust and loyalty for any future language immersion weeks. I cannot now run the risk of going somewhere that may well let me down. Just a secret, Carcassonne is THE best city in the south of France.
— Javier, Spanish

Semi-intensive course for 4 weeks, April 2012.

Fun and memorable lessons

My French has improved enormously as a result of the time I spent at Ludo Expression. Dominique is an excellent teacher and her expressive gestbdffbbfdbfdbnations ensure the lessons are fun as well as memorable. I stayed in Caunes Minervois, a little village about 25 minutes drive from Carcassonne, and would strongly recommend any of the 1, 2 or 3 bedroom houses owned by Ingrid Hudson ( Staying in a quiet medieval village and going to school in Carcassonne was perfect to experience a wonderful French way of life. Thank you (again) Dominique for taking me to a much higher level of French and, more particularly, thank you for your treasured friendship.

— Robyn, Australian

One-to-one lessons for 2 weeks, September 2011.
Humour and enthusiasm

At Ludo Expression, I felt welcome and at ease and found myself quickly gaining confidence in my ability to communicate in French. My teacher, Dominique, inspired me with her enthusiasm and lovely sense of humour, adfbdfbfdbfdnd offered me exercises well suited to my needs. I enjoyed most her idea to help me learn French language, life and culture through discussing modern French films. In just a couple of weeks, I was able to overcome my initial frustration when speaking French and felt much more confident.
I am indeed thinking of taking some more refreshment one-to-one courses at LUDO EXPRESSION again.
— Krasimira, Bulgariandf

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